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The Very Good Bra

My favorite zero waste eco-friendly products.
  • Website: The Very Good Bra
  • Materials: Tree Rubber, Organic Cotton Elastic, Tencel Sewing Thread (No Plastic, No Nylon, No Underwire)
  • End-Of-life: Backyard Compostable
Finding the right bra can be exhausting. Does it fit right in all the places? Is it supportive, comfortable, and cute? After all that, who has the energy to figure out if it's a good bra for the environment?
No worries. I've got you covered! I've found the most amazing bras for your body and the planet. Meet The Very Good Bra. I have their black bra in size 36D. It's cute. It's comfortable. It's supportive. And it's backyard compostable! That means you don't have to guiltily add your old bras to your donation pile to avoid the trash.
Keep your boobs and the planet happy. Head to The Very Good Bra and order your favorite color. You'll love how you feel in your zero waste bra!
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