The Most Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Cases..

I am notorious for dropping my cell phone, so I definitely need a case. When I got my latest phone, I decided to search for an Eco-Friendly option and found one!

You may have already seen my post on Eco-Friendly sunglasses and know I love Pela. So it's no surprise that they make amazing cell phone cases too.

I actually consider these cases more Eco-Friendly than the sunglasses because they are compostable. That means you can place it in your backyard compost and it will biodegrade, leaving nothing harmful behind in the planet. I love it!

When you order your Pela case, you can send your old one back to them in the package you received. They will recycle any case, any brand. 

They have cases for iPhones and Androids. There are tons of different colors and designs. I love my green turtle case!

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