The Most Eco-Friendly Swim Trunks..

Searching for Eco-Friendly swimwear is getting easier. A lot of companies are using recycled plastics and fishing nets pulled out of the ocean. Kudos to these companies for helping our oceans!

Then there are companies that go a step further. They have a take-back program. I love this because these companies are taking responsibility for the end-of-life of their products.

I searched to such a company and found one I love. Fair Harbor makes swim trunks for men and boys. 

They have a few different styles with a bunch of fun designs and colors. My husband's favorite are The Anchor shorts. He has the Grey Floral and Blue Art Waves.

Fair Harbor's Roundtrip Initiative makes them an uber Eco-Friendly company. They provide you with a prepaid shipping label, accept all swimwear brands, and send them to 2ReWear to be recycled. To top it off, they give you a $5 credit for each suit you send (up to $25).


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