The Most Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats..

Living an Eco-Friendly life means being intentional with your purchases. It's easy to walk into a fitness store, pick out a cute yoga mat, and be on your way. 

We don't stop to think about what the yoga mat is made of, if it's good or bad for the environment. Or even how it was created. 

When I decided to buy a yoga mat, I searched online for Eco-Friendly options and found Suga. They make amazing yoga mats out of old wet suits.

Even better, they provide a cradle-to-grave program for their mats that includes a discount on a new one.

I purchased their Sugamat with the Crade to Grave option. This means that if anything happens to my mat, they send me a new one free of charge.

I love my yoga mat. It has great cushion for my knees and stick for my sweaty hands and feet.

Note: If you have old wetsuits, give them a quick wash and send them to Suga. You'll get 10% off one of their yoga mats.


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