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A christian wife and mom of three who loves simple Eco-Friendly living.

Hi! I'm Jaime

After struggling with depression for 8 years in Wisconsin, we packed up our family and moved to Florida. The sun has been healing. I have the energy to be the wife and mom I want to be.

When I'm not at yoga, the beach, or pool, I'm taking steps to live a sustainable life. Eco-Friendly products are hard to find. 

I dig deep to find pure sustainable products and share my favorites here at The Eco-Minimalist. If you have questions or want help finding an eco product, email me at [email protected]

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Share The Love With Me

I believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful life full of love. That's why I support The Hope Effect. They are changing the way the world cares for orphans with family-style care. If you are looking to support a non-profit, join me in helping surround orphans with love.

Improve Your Finances With Us

Before I started The Eco-Minimalist, my husband and I wanted financial freedom to pursue our dreams. This turned into the website Keep Thrifty. We shared our financial journey, created an expense tracking tool, and more.