How To Create A Plastic-Free Wardrobe

How To Make The Switch To Eco-Minimalism Easy

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How do you make your wardrobe eco-friendly? 

  • Shop secondhand.
  • Skip fast fashion.
  • Focus on a minimalist capsule wardrobe.
  • Buy clothing made from pre-consumer fabric waste.
  • Buy clothing made with recycled or ocean bound plastic.

All these options are amazing at reducing plastic waste. Unfortunately, it doesn’t eliminate it. At end-of-life they still pollute our environment, our waterways, and leach toxic chemicals. The only way to avoid this is to go 100% plastic-free. Here’s how:

Three Clothing Ingredients

  1. Fabric: Look for organic fabric such as hemp, bamboo, or cotton. Just make sure it’s 100% organic. Look at the materials list. Polyester, spandex, nyon, rayon, acrylic, neoprene, microfiber, and lycra are some of the most common names for synthetic fibers used in clothing.
  2. Thread: Check for the type of thread used. Most companies don’t share this information. If the type of thread used isn’t specifically listed, assume it’s plastic. 
  3. Dye: Most clothing is colored with synthetic dyes. These dyes contain chemicals that are harmful to workers and waterways. Look for GOTS certified organic dyes. This guarantees that the dye is at least 95% organic. In order to ensure the color of your clothes are completely synthetic free, choose clothing dyed with food waste and plants.

Where To Shop 

Plastic-free clothing is hard to find. Most “sustainable” options use recycled plastic. This is super frustrating when trying to go plastic-free. Luckily, I have found some amazing companies that make beautiful plastic-free clothing:

  1. Groceries Apparel: They use non-toxic upcycled food waste to create beautiful colors. They list the materials for each clothing item. Most are 100% organic cotton, but not all. They carry womens, mens, and kids clothing!!!
  2. The Good Tee: Grab organic cotton classics and non-toxic tie dye kits for the whole family! ( Get 10% off with discount code: TEM-10 )
  3. Sustain By Kat: This company is completely transparent. Their fabric, thread, dye, and labels are completely plastic-free! They make clothes for women and babies.
  4. The Very Good Bra: Find plastic-free bras, underwear, and loungewear for women. They use organic cotton fabric, natural rubber for elastic, and tencel sewing thread that is compostable at end-of-life.

When it’s time to replace a piece of clothing, go plastic-free with these companies. If you can’t find a plastic-free item you need, go for one of the options at the beginning of this post. Remember, it’s not about perfection. It’s about improvement. When you are being intentional with your purchases you are helping to pave the way forward!