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Swway Sunglasses

My favorite zero waste eco-friendly products.
  • Website: Swway
  • Materials: Acrylic Plastic (Plexi-Glass)
  • End-Of-life: Swway has a closed-loop program.  Email [email protected] with the subject "Pela 360" to send them back.
Most sunglasses are made to be worn until broken and then thrown in a landfill. But sunglasses don't have to create waste. I've done the research and found these amazing zero waste sunglasses from Swway.
My husband wears the Bonito style. Their Sulu style fits my narrow face. I even bought two pairs and swapped out the lenses of the second pair for my prescription lenses. These glasses look great and protect my eyes. When they need to be replaced, Swway will take them back and use the materials to make new products.
Don't waste your money on another pair of sunglasses that will end up in the garbage. Head to Swway, order your favorite style and color, and feel confident and beautiful in your new sustainable sunglasses.
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