What Is Eco-Minimalism..

Five years into marriage with three toddlers, life was chaotic. I craved simplicity but had no idea how to create it.

Then I learned about minimalism, which is all about living intentionally.

  • Think about the life you want to live.
  • Let go of anything that holds you back from this life.
  • Keep the stuff you love and that help you live that life.
  • Only bring things into your life that help you accomplish your goals. 
  • Because minimalism is all about living intention, it can look different to each person.

Embracing minimalism simplified our life, improved our finances, and gave us freedom to pursue a flexible lifestyle. It also opened my eyes to how much waste we created. 

I didn't feel good about this and decided to look for a better way. I discovered zero waste living, started making small changes, and found that living a more Eco-Friendly life doesn't have to be difficult.

So what is Eco-Minimalism? It's living intentionally in a way that matches your dream lifestyle and is good for the planet. 

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